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Fans of Sabé/Obi-Wan
"Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view." - Obi-Wan
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6th-Feb-2015 08:28 pm - Sobi Fans is now on Tumblr!
Sobi Fans is now on Tumblr!


Traffic has slowed down on LJ, sadly, but Tumblr is an ideal place for Sobiwan fans to revisit the pairing whenever they want. Fan art and fic recommendations, etc will be relocated from here over time, (with full credit given, always), and I'm hopeful that there will also be new content sometimes. I'm not sure yet whether I'll post new stuff over here. Kind of feels like nobody comes here anymore :/ (Please shout out and prove me wrong!)

Anyway, on the off chance that anyone does drop by, feel free to pop along to Tumblr and spread the love there :)

Sweet Christabel.
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13th-Oct-2014 06:10 pm - I...have no words
Literally....just...yeah... :D

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12th-Apr-2013 05:10 pm(no subject)
Solace on Tatooine after the events of Revenge of the Sith.

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17th-Feb-2013 02:27 pm - Beginning of a beautiful friendship
Considering invading Naboo? I'd think again.

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Sweet Christabel.
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14th-Dec-2012 10:51 pm - Almost Twenty Years
Sabé has waited almost twenty years to see Obi-Wan again, but when the moment is upon her she hardly dares to turn around.

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Sweet Christabel.
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7th-Dec-2012 08:07 pm - Soundtrack: Dark Galaxy
Just in time for the holidays: a new Sobiwan soundtrack... and it's one of my favorites! With haunting melodies that make you think of grand romance, forbidden love, and stolen moments, I think you'll enjoy the latest installment of the Sobiwan Soundtrack. Download link is below. ENJOY!!!

Track Listing
1. To the Ends of the Universe
2. Wreckage
3. The Approaching Storm
4. Edge of a Mystery
5. General Kenobi
6. Unexpected Reunion
7. Distant Star
8. Without Words
9. Dreams Pass in Time
10. Stolen Kiss
11. For a Thousand Years
12: Bonus Track: A Knight and Maiden

DOWNLOAD HERE - 44.7MB zip file
9th-Jul-2012 03:21 pm - New manip: Dusk
A new manip I have been procrastinating on forever. Decided to just finally post it today! :) enjoy.

7th-Mar-2012 05:07 pm(no subject)
Many moons ago I made a manip (this one, to be precise: http://sobi-fans.livejournal.com/94419.html#cutid1) with a view to writing a short scene to accompany it. Finally I have done so!

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Hope you like it :)

Sweet Christabel.
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29th-Feb-2012 03:55 pm - Official Sabé Topps Card!
Look what I got off eBay! An Official Sabé Topps Card!

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Sobiwan in Star Wars Insider!....Almost

Actually, I'm exaggerating. But this is probably as close as we're going to get: Sabé and Obi-Wan sharing a double page spread on a Phantom Menace feature! It is apparently my geeky, fangirlish duty to share this with you :D

HitherCollapse )

Sweet Christabel.
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